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AmiyCoders contains a yEnc encoder (AmiyEnc) and a yEnc decoder (AmiyDec) for the Amiga. At the time it was written, it was the only natively available encoder and decoder for AmigaOS, although that's probably changed since. It is able to handle single part and multi part encodings, with or without CRC32 checksums and whether or not the encoding is embedded.

yEnc is an encoding method which offers efficient and proper transmission of binaries over Usenet, Email and similar media. It is similar in principle to Base64 or UUencode but is usually more efficient because of various tricks it employs.


Download Version Description
amiycoders.lhav0.6AmigaOS Binaries & Installer (Released: ~2003)
amiycoders_src.lhav0.6Amiga E Source Code