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Go Portscan!

Go Portscan! is a network portscanner for the Amiga. It supports both TCP and UDP portscans and includes an extensive service table to help identify what service or program is running on the open ports. Go Portscan! also supports pinging (UDP and ICMP), traceroute (UDP and ICMP), ping sweeping, DNS resolution and ICMP reporting.

Summary of Features

  • GUI based upon the MUI toolkit
  • Localisation support
  • TCP & UDP port scans with flexible port selections
  • Logging of port output from scans
  • Configurable timeout and delay
  • Service lookups using the internal table, or the TCP/IP stack's table
  • Service lookup queries
  • Bookmarks manager
  • Telnet, ftp or http to open ports
  • DNS resolution
  • Ping facility (UDP & ICMP) with broadcast support
  • Ping sweeping with DNS resolution and ICMP message reporting
  • Traceroute facility (UDP & ICMP)
  • Bubble help and context sensitive online help


Download Version Description
GoPortscan.lhav1.1AmigaOS Binaries & Installer (Released: ~2003)
GoPortscan_src.lhav.1.1Amiga E Source Code