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Q-Device! is a tool for querying and controlling devices attached to SCSI or IDE buses for the Amiga. SCSI and IDE devices contain pages of information which describes the device's features, modes of operation and diagnostic status. In many cases these pages are configurable to allow the user or the manufacturer to tweak the device's operation. Q-Device! is capable of decoding much of this information and presenting it to the user. Experimental support was written for a pseudo-device driver which allowed Q-Device to directly query SCSI/IDE devices of other machines on the network. It requires the qdd daemon which I wrote in C, to be running on the remote machine. Support was written for both Linux and Solaris and although it worked, it never really went beyond the experimental stage. It's primary use was to allow me to test q-device against many more devices without having to physically connect and disconnect them from the Amiga.

Summary of Features

  • GUI based upon the MUI toolkit
  • Device probing - scans the SCSI/IDE bus for active devices
  • Device inquiry - Product, Vendor, Revision, Type, RMB Info, ISO, ECMA and ANSI versions, AENC, TrmIOP, Relative Addressing, Bus Width, Synchronous, Linked, Command Queuing and Reset Type
  • Device capacity - Number of Blocks, Block Size, True Capacity and Vendor Capacity
  • Product serial number retrieval
  • Media ejection and insertion
  • Power up/down devices
  • Locking and unlocking for removable media devices
  • Rewind/Rezero for tape devices
  • Unit readiness test
  • Read CD Table of Contents - Starting Track, Ending Track, Track Type, Track Copyright, Audio Channels, Audio Emphasis
  • Device self diagnostic tests - Simple 1 & 2 and Deep 1 & 2
  • Media defect discovery
  • Device parameter page decoding (54 supported page types)
  • Firmware log decoding (33 recognised types, 13 decodable)
  • Basic ATIP support


Download Version Description
q-device.lhav0.6AmigaOS Binaries & Installer (Released: ~2005)
q-device_src.lhav0.6Amiga E Source Code
qdev_src.lhav0.6ECX Source Code conversion by Leif Salomonsson in 2007