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Go Fetch!

Go Fetch! was a download manager for the Amiga, written before the term was really coined. It attempts to automatically download files for the user in a 'fire & forget' manner using HTTP or FTP. It has an extensive AREXX scripting interface, which allows it to be integrated with almost any application, such as web browsers, email clients, irc clients etc. Various prebuilt AREXX scripts are supplied to integrate Go Fetch! with other software.

Summary of Features

  • GUI based upon the MUI toolkit
  • Extensive AREXX scripting support
  • Supports FTP and HTTP including file resuming
  • Supports Amiga file comments
  • Built-in site directory for maintaining bookmarks
  • Profile history log
  • Scripts supplied for integration with various web browsers
  • Bubble help and context sensitive help in Amiga Guide format
  • Iconification support
  • Mini log which displays the current status on any public screen
  • Preference editor


Download Version Description
GoFetch.lhav1.2AmigaOS Binaries & Installer (Released: ~1999)
GoFetch12_Src.lhav1.2Amiga E Source Code
GoFetch_Public.lha Free Public Keyfile