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Zed80 is a pure perl implementation of a z80 disassembler so it should work on any OS with a reasonable Perl implementation. For the curious 'zed' stands for 'Z80 Experimental Disassembler'. Zed80 is a very simple disassembler that provides little more than an assembly dump of the specified file.

Example Output

0x0000                        LD A,D
0x0001                        LD H,L
0x0002                        LD H,H
0x0003                        JR C,48        ; EA [53]
0x0005                        LD A,(BC)
0x0006                        DEC A
0x0007                        DEC A
0x0008                        DEC A
0x0009                        DEC A
0x000A                        DEC A
0x000B                        LD A,(BC)
0x000C                        LD A,(BC)
0x000D                        LD E,D
0x000E                        LD H,L
0x000F                        LD H,H
0x0010                        JR C,48        ; EA [66]
0x0012                        JR NZ,105        ; EA [125]
0x0014                        LD (HL),E
0x0015                        JR NZ,97        ; EA [120]
0x0017                        JR NZ,112        ; EA [137]
0x0019                        LD (HL),L
...                           ...


Download Version Description
zed80-0.9.2.tar.bz2v0.9.2Perl Script (Released: May 2009)
2pass_zed80_disasm.zip 2-Pass version written by Volker Pohlers based on Zed80